Voice Over

Carlo’s a favorite voice talent for AVPs, documentaries, and commercials because of his proficiency in English and Filipino (and Taglish as well), excellent voice quality, ability to shift emotions, and quick-adjusting energy levels. Some of his voice projects include: the Tagalized version of Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove” as the voice of the lead character, Kuzco; and, the voice of Citibank’s Citi Simplicity Plus advertisement.

Here are some of Carlo’s voice projects and homemade recording samples.

Homemade Recording : Carlo Lorenzo’s take on “Lost in Space” (English, mysterious, subtle, gentle)

Homemade Recording: Carlo’s take on Cornetto (Filipino, enthusiastic)

Project AVP: Instant Assets Tokens: Running time is one minute (English, informative, energetic)


Project AVP: First ASEAN Conference on Lymphatic Filariasis Intro with Carlo as voice talent (English, energetic, informative)


Project AVP: Asean Forum on Lymphatic Filariasis Overview, used during the First ASEAN Conference on Lymphatic Filariasis with Carlo as voice talent (English, informative)

Project Online Ad: Here’s the Citi Simplicity Plus ad with Carlo as voice talent (English, warm-hearted)


Project TV Commercial: Audio of Vernel TV Commercial with Carlo as voice talent (Filipino, enthusiastic, energetic)


Homemade recording: Explainer (English, youthful, energetic, enthusiastic)


Homemade recording: Ford Ranger (English, mature, straightforward)


Homemade recording: Carlo’s take on McDonald’s Chicken Tenders (English, mature, informative, humorous)

Homemade recording: Carlo doing Sports News about Roger Federer (English, informative, upbeat)


Project AVP: Instant Assets Tokens: Running time is 2:15 (English, informative, energetic)

Homemade Recording: (English, youthful, “millennial”)

Listen to more of Carlo’s sample voice recordings: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7cxzjbme2bgyrha/AAANsEU9uKjBSHdY5pgZZl-Sa?dl=0

Here’s a list of his past voice projects:
• National Police College (2019)
• Caltex / Chevron (2019)
• Department of Labor (2019)
• Baker Tilly Philippines (2019)
• Torre Lorenzo AVP (2018)
• Landbank (2018)
• Star Cruises (2018)
• Dream Cruises (2018)
• Isuzu (2018)
• Aquabiz Mobile App (2018)
• SD Biosensor (2018)
• SL Super Hybrid Rice Seeds, Explainer Video (2018)
• 1st ASEAN Lymphatic Filariasis Forum : two AVP’s (2018)
• Carrier Aircon / Concepcion Industries, Inc. AVP series (2017-2018)
• MyTown AVP (2018)
• Corteva Agriscience (2018)
• Fish-I AVP (2018)
• Nutritionist-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines Foundation AVP (2018)
• DILG — JMC 2016-1 circular explainer video
• PSI AIR AVP (2018)
• I.A. Tokens (2018)
• DOST Iron Fortified Rice (2018)
• SPI Basic Education AVP of St. Peregrine Institute (2018)
• Juvenile Justice Act Radio Plug (2017) DSWD
• Vigormin Ad (2017) DOST
• Citibank’s Citi Simplicity Plus Ad (2017)
• Hacienda Luisita AVP (2017) DAR
• Aloran Tourism AVP (2017)
• Chevon AVP (2017) DOST
• Charm AVP (2017) DOST
• Biogroe AVP (2017) DOST
• Laurin Coco MCT AVP (2017)
• Nipa Sweetener (2017) DOST • Power Serve Inc. Corporate AVP (2017)
• Coke Swakto Corporate Launch, Coca-­‐Cola FEMSA, Le Pavillon, Pasay, Voice Over Announcer (October 27 2017) • Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Migratory Species, PICC, Pasay, Voice Over Announcer (October 22, 2017)
• Flying V AVP (2017)
• SL Agritech 2 AVPs (2017)
• Metrobank Foundation Ten Outstanding Filipinos 2017 Awards, Voice Over Announcer (September 10, 2017)
• Voice Talent for Vernel TV commercial (2017)
• Voice of Kuzco, Tagalized version of Disney’s “Emperor’s New Groove” 2017 • HIT PURSUIT Voice over as video explainer
• ACCUTRACK Voice over as video explainer
• MUSIKATHA Voice over for AVP
• PHARMATON Voice over for TV Ad
• TERIYAKI BOY Voice over for TV Ad
• PETER PAN Voice over for TV Plug of Musical
• Metrobank
• EUNILANE Voice over for the supermarket’s promo and mechanics (played in all Eunilane branches)
• NED Voice over for documentary