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Carlo’s a favorite voice talent for corporate AVPs, documentaries, and commercials because of his proficiency in English and Filipino (and Taglish as well), excellent voice quality, ability to shift emotions, and quick-adjusting energy levels. Some of his voice projects include: the Tagalized version of Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove” as the voice of the lead character, Kuzco; and, the voice of Citibank’s Citi Simplicity Plus advertisement.

Email and write “VO INQUIRY” as subject.

Here are some of Carlo’s voice projects and homemade recording samples in English and Tagalog.




Paid VO Project, English Language, Corporate Video, Product Launch
Delivery: corporate, slow to moderate pace, authoritative, inspiring
This is an excerpt of the longer 7-min original AVP.


“Lost in Space” VO Demo – Narration (English language, mysterious, subtle, gentle)


“ROBOT TOUR GUIDE” VO Demo (Fun/Instructional)
English Language
youthful, energetic, high-pitched, animated
Version 1: more energetic
Version 2: less energetic than the 1st


“SENSEI” VO Demo (Explainer Video) English Language casual, light, dynamic


“TEST INSTRUCTIONS” VO DEMO: Instructional, 4 Levels, English Language Version 1: slow, formal, calm, clear, even-paced, low-energy, neutral Version 2: corporate, clear, even-paced, formal Version 3: moderate speed, slightly higher energy, paced slightly faster Version 4: enthusiastic, lively, friendly, conversational, paced faster, pitch slightly higher


“HEALTHCARE” VO DEMO: Corporate/Explainer, English Language Delivery: calm, even-paced, trustworthy, gentle


“REAL ESTATE / RESIDENCES” VO Demo: Real Estate, Explainer, English language Delivery: relaxed, calm, laid-back, warm


“APPETIZING ADVENTURE” PROMO VO DEMO VO DEMO: Promo, English Language Delivery: fun, enthusiastic, dynamic, playful, energetic


“KITCHEN TIPS” Informational, Instructional, Lifestyle VO Demo VO DEMO: Informational/Instructional, English Language Version 1: energetic, enthusiastic Version 2: friendly, calm, laid-back


“FOOD WEBSITE” VO DEMO: Infomercial, English Language Version 1: energetic, enthusiastic, upbeat, clear, understandable and interesting Version 2: toned-down delivery compared to version 1


“Intelligent Life Management” VO Demo Infomercial, English Language Delivery: gentle, compassionate, empathetic, warm, subtle, soothing, trustworthy


“THE PHILIPPINES” VO DEMO for Corporate Video, English Language Version 1: corporate, informative, moderate pace Version 2: higher energy level and more upbeat compared to version 1


“The Balisong” VO Demo (English) for Narration, Travelogue Segment, Educational Video English Language Version 1: light and conversational Version 2: more corporate sounding, deeper tone Version 3: slower pace, deeper tone


“INSTANT ASSETS TOKENS” Paid VO Project (Carlo Lorenzo: VO Talent) Infomercial, English Language Delivery: Enthusiastic, energetic, moderate pace Carlo was hired to be the voice-over artist for this infomercial that was uploaded in 2018.


“NDAP Foundation” PAID VO for Corporate Video, English Language Delivery: corporate, informative, moderate pace This audio clip is a a part of a longer recording for a corporate video produced for and funded by Nutritionist-Dietitians Association of the Philippines Foundation. Carlo was hired to be the voice-over artist for this voice-over project.


Paid VO Project – AVP: First ASEAN Conference on Lymphatic Filariasis Intro with Carlo as voice talent (English, energetic, informative)


Paid VO Project – AVP: Asean Forum on Lymphatic Filariasis Overview, used during the First ASEAN Conference on Lymphatic Filariasis with Carlo as voice talent (English, informative)


Paid VO Project – Online Ad: Here’s the Citi Simplicity Plus ad with Carlo as voice talent (English, warm-hearted)



VO Demo – Automotive App : Ford Ranger (English, mature, straightforward)


VO Demo – Commercial : Carlo’s take on McDonald’s Chicken Tenders (English, mature, informative, humorous)


VO Demo – Sports Feature about Roger Federer (English, informative, upbeat)







“Konsulta Benefit Package” VO Demo (Tagalog) VO Demo: Social Media Ad, Commercial Version 1: informative, clear, moderate Version 2: subtle, conversational Version 3: hard sell, energetic

“ROADTRIP” VO DEMO: Commercial, Tagalog/Filipino language Version 1: ultra-high-energy, dynamic, fast-paced, excited, loud Version 2: energetic, dynamic, excited, fast-paced Version 3: conversational, friendly, calm, moderate pace Version 4: energetic, enthusiastic


VO Demo – Commercial : Carlo’s take on Cornetto (Filipino/Tagalog language, enthusiastic)


Paid VO Project TV Commercial: Audio of Vernel TV Commercial with Carlo as voice talent (Filipino, enthusiastic, energetic)



Here’s a list of his past voice projects:
• National Police College (2019)
• Caltex / Chevron (2019)
• Department of Labor (2019)
• Baker Tilly Philippines (2019)
• Torre Lorenzo AVP (2018)
• Landbank (2018)
• Star Cruises (2018)
• Dream Cruises (2018)
• Isuzu (2018)
• Aquabiz Mobile App (2018)
• SD Biosensor (2018)
• SL Super Hybrid Rice Seeds, Explainer Video (2018)
• 1st ASEAN Lymphatic Filariasis Forum : two AVP’s (2018)
• Carrier Aircon / Concepcion Industries, Inc. AVP series (2017-2018)
• MyTown AVP (2018)
• Corteva Agriscience (2018)
• Fish-I AVP (2018)
• Nutritionist-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines Foundation AVP (2018)
• DILG — JMC 2016-1 circular explainer video
• PSI AIR AVP (2018)
• I.A. Tokens (2018)
• DOST Iron Fortified Rice (2018)
• SPI Basic Education AVP of St. Peregrine Institute (2018)
• Juvenile Justice Act Radio Plug (2017) DSWD
• Vigormin Ad (2017) DOST
• Citibank’s Citi Simplicity Plus Ad (2017)
• Hacienda Luisita AVP (2017) DAR
• Aloran Tourism AVP (2017)
• Chevon AVP (2017) DOST
• Charm AVP (2017) DOST
• Biogroe AVP (2017) DOST
• Laurin Coco MCT AVP (2017)
• Nipa Sweetener (2017) DOST • Power Serve Inc. Corporate AVP (2017)
• Coke Swakto Corporate Launch, Coca-­‐Cola FEMSA, Le Pavillon, Pasay, Voice Over Announcer (October 27 2017) • Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Migratory Species, PICC, Pasay, Voice Over Announcer (October 22, 2017)
• Flying V AVP (2017)
• SL Agritech 2 AVPs (2017)
• Metrobank Foundation Ten Outstanding Filipinos 2017 Awards, Voice Over Announcer (September 10, 2017)
• Voice Talent for Vernel TV commercial (2017)
• Voice of Kuzco, Tagalized version of Disney’s “Emperor’s New Groove” 2017 • HIT PURSUIT Voice over as video explainer
• ACCUTRACK Voice over as video explainer
• MUSIKATHA Voice over for AVP
• PHARMATON Voice over for TV Ad
• TERIYAKI BOY Voice over for TV Ad
• PETER PAN Voice over for TV Plug of Musical
• Metrobank
• EUNILANE Voice over for the supermarket’s promo and mechanics (played in all Eunilane branches)
• NED Voice over for documentary